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The fantasy element to your foodgasm

Modernity thrives on healthy food regime, but it also relies on the aesthetics of dining. It is not just about the palate that we tend to gorge on scrumptious delicacies to satiate our gastronomic levels after a tiring day at work but it is also the seduction of the dining ambience filled with the trance of well-crafted cutlery that together has the potential to entice you as well as every other person around you.

Cutlery as an embodiment of class

It is not only the food that appeals to our ecstasy -seeking -modern souls, indeed it more than that.

A fine Dine table with an eclectic mix of moods in the ever-shifting modern man’s consciousness; Gold- plated flatware with the chimes of stainless steel all round up to bring to

you an exotic culmination of articles to embalm your senses. With the touch of such pristine material and the sight of its sleekness, the connoisseur foodie in you is only a new- age poet.

What matters: What to eat v/s how to eat

The longing in us for fine dining has evolved through civilization and shifts in time as we have certainly realized the sheer Oomph that cutlery adds to the overall “how to eat”. So, it’s not just about WHAT TO EAT, it is also about HOW TO EAT. Cutlery is not just a utilitarian urbane experience but it accessorizes our dining code and is a lifestyle extravaganza. It adds to our elitism and sets the bar for the Epicureanism in our daily lives.

Cutlery cuts off the added stress

Cutlery is not just a modern artifice, it is an experience. The daily drudgery finally

meets pampering with the tender touch of steel that sticks to your familiar spaces in imagination. The range of flatware is suited perfectly for different occasions: daily usable, stylized ones for grand dinner meets, chic items for kitty -parties, a touch of antique to suit meals shared with the old in the family etc. It is a well- known thing how kids fuss over food and how difficult it is to appeal to their moods and tastes. But, a little bit of effort with the sprucing up of fine cutlery in the dining table does the trick and saves time and energy which is possible with the flatware section ‘just for kids’.

Cutlery makes eating artsy

The aesthetics to dining serve as a modern meditation to the urban workaholic of today while food is the word structure;

cutlery is the form as they together weave out an ordinary eating experience into a delightful dining stupor.

This mixture of austere and debonair in the fns flatware is a veritable mix of designs and finish to fit to the variety

of dining experiences across routine, celebrations, dinner dates; turning the mundane into hyperbolic.

An epitome of Elegance & Ergonomic, this is the 21st century table -romance, this is FNS.

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