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Moving Beyond Sweets: Dining Decor Gifts Trending This Diwali

We in India know that the festive season is the perfect occasion for get-togethers, family dinners and all that jazz. For our distant aunts cum homegrown culinary aficionados, it is that time of the year when they come out of their hiding to criticize all and sundry.
Article 03-10-17 pic1Stump those nosy aunts clean bold this Diwali with designer cutlery that is detailed to be desired!

Why Cutlery Gifting is the most 2017 thing to do? #GiftsThatKeepGiving

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Cutlery has long been a traditional gift for obvious reasons: It is aesthetically uplifting, affordable and useful on the daily. Stylish and practical cutlery sets always win hearts. They make food look and taste great and really what else are festivals for?!


The best looking serveware that is ideal for all types of occasions including but not limited to festive season, weddings and anniversaries, corporate gifting is always ergonomically and elegantly crafted.

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While gold plated cutlery comes with a touch of royalty and elegance, an imperial indulgence; stainless steel with a copper color titanium matt finish endows a rich feel of luxury.

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FnS cutlery does not only offer quality and solid designs, its resistance to corrosion and low or high temperatures certifies it as the ideal cutlery material.

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Up your dining décor game. Invite and gift your guests a dining experience that lives up to the festive mood.

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