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Tie The Knot With The Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Gifting is a time-honored tradition as far as Indian weddings are considered. With wedding season round the corner, some of your friends might be getting hitched soon. And that means you’ll have to think out of the box to convey your best wishes to the newly-weds.

Giftting Article 07-11-17 Pic1

Even though that’s all good news, we know what’s got you worried is the lack of intelligent gift ideas.

Explore a range of creative, unique, elegant wedding gifts with FnS

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Cutlery is an immensely popular wedding gift idea abroad and it’s slowly catching on in India. However, it’s not as common here so there’s still a unique bent to this idea which makes for the wow factor. What’s got it hitting a nerve with most of the people is the simple fact that high-end designer cutlery would symbolize luxury while still being of significant practical value. It’s got a charm of its own along with the promise of lasting forever.

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Pictured above is the sleek and silver Zest from FnS’s wide assortment of cutlery styles. FnS cutlery does not only offer quality and solid designs, its resistance to corrosion and low or high temperatures certifies it as the ideal cutlery material.

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Pictured above is Madrid by FnS. Stainless steel with a titanium matt finish endows a rich feel of luxury.


FnS Cutlery: A gift that keeps giving
Since the newly-weds would soon be hosting guests at their new homes, luxe cutlery for their guests will make an impression.

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Pictured above is Imperio by FnS. Gold plated cutlery comes with a touch of royalty and elegance, an imperial indulgence.

Fine cutlery is a sign of abundance, as our elders have stressed over the years. Gift the special ones cutlery from a range of styles that are celebratory, luxe and practical. Shop at FnS for exquisite gifts to enjoy the best occasions in life.


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