Types of Flatware for Different Table Setting

Ever thought how important cutlery is? From everyday dining to sophisticated soirees, a neatly done table setting attracts anyone and everyone. And this goes without saying that the choice of cutlery set can break or make the entire table setting. Don’t agree? Read on to know the different types of cutlery available for different table settings.

Selection of cutlery or flatware is a personalized choice. One should feel right holding a fork and spoon, or knife in order to enjoy their meal. Dating back to the history of flatware, one may find cutlery sets made of brass and sterling silver primarily but with changing times, stainless steel became available. These days one often opts for cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel, considered to be of premium quality. Saying that to make a lasting impression on guests people are trying different types of cutlery set for different table settings.

Besides stainless steel cutlery sets, another design which is high on trend charts is golden flatware. The warm metallic hue of golden cutlery set looks opulent and mesmerizing when laid out on the dining table along with the complimenting tableware pieces. Imagine the majestic appearance it will bring on the table when the timeless white porcelain dinnerware will be dressed up along with the gold flatware set.

But, if you’re in awe of the casual and quirky table setting you find at your favorite café, you must try out the black cutlery set. Black colored flatware is a unique find – aptly defined as modern cutlery, perfect for casual and fun dining occasions. Clean and simple lines with a touch of textural design make this cutlery design extremely in-trend these days.

Another cutlery set which has been trending and is quite talked about is the matte copper colored cutlery sets. Introduce a rustic touch to your dining setting with this set of flatware. Planning an early spring lunch at your garden or wish to have an elegant get together with your girls, bring out this aesthetically appealing flatware from your collection and you are all set to impress your guests. This can be chosen as one of the best alternatives to mirror polished stainless steel cutlery designs.
If you thought cutlery sets are all about metallic colors and tones, think again. These days, one may find rainbow-hued cutlery sets as well colored acrylic cutlery sets. The acrylic cutlery sets are available in myriad colors and work best for the everyday dining experience.

The above-listed cutlery designs are the ones which are positioned high on the trend chart this year but if you believe in sticking to the classics, there is undoubtedly nothing better and timeless than the silverware. No matter what the occasion is, silver cutlery sets work magically and look splendid in all table settings. Also, they make a gorgeous gifting option for weddings. Beautifully wrapped with love, a silverware cutlery set makes unique and elegant wedding gifts for everyone.

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