Fall in Love with these Cutlery Designs

Cutlery has been used since time immemorial. In the bygone era, cutlery was popularly known as silverware because of its exquisite craftsmanship and use of silver as the primary material. But with time, other materials were being used in its making and today flatware made of stainless steel is the most popular one. Nowadays, display of cutlery on the table setting enhances the décor as well as adds on the essence of sophistication. Guests enjoy eating food with cutlery which essentially comprises of a fork, spoon and a knife; leaving a lasting impression on them.

Tracing back to history, one can draw out findings that brass and sterling silver were extensively used in the making of cutlery sets. But now, cutlery pieces are crafted of premium quality 18/10 stainless steel which makes them durable and corrosion-resistant. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in cutlery designs.
Choosing cutlery is a personal affair. Everyone prefers having a set of cutlery that complements their dinnerware flawlessly. Saying that one can’t have enough of classic flatware made of silver. It blends well beautifully with any dinnerware collection. Beautifully carved designs on the silver cutlery make them a wonderful gift as well.
Adding a stylish flair, multicolored cutlery is also quite preferable these days. If you like adding some quirk on your table, you can also opt for the colorful array of cutlery designs made of acrylic. Adding an artfully modern touch on the table, this cutlery boasts of beautiful colors and sculpted design. The color palette is not limited to multicolor or silver, one may also find an array of designs dipped in gorgeous rose gold-tone as well. This color is quite popular amongst the elites and the young couples who wish to introduce a blend of elegance and newness on their table setting. Each of these designs stands out and is bespoke.
But if subtle and sophistication is your style pick up the black colored cutlery designs which are high on trend charts this season. Made of matte charcoal, this black colored cutlery brings a refreshing change on the table, giving a miss to the usual silverware. A table setting displaying whimsical white dinnerware with a black colored spoon, fork and knife will create a monochromatic feel to the entire setting.
What makes cutlery from FNS so unique? The brand offers a humongous collection of flatware in myriad designs, colors and patterns. Portraying a flawless mix of design and craftsmanship, the cutlery collection from FNS promises durability. Artistic designs projected on cutlery pieces in the different colored finish make them exclusive. Bringing together a best of classic and contemporary, the brand also offers sleek and stylish designs in the golden color that is reminiscent of the old era, but with modern design and comfortable grip handles.

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